Should I Buy A Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaner?

Every one wishes to havElectrolux Ultra Active Canister Vacuume a clean and dust-free house. A good high performance vacuum cleaner helps you to finish your cleaning job quickly and efficiently.

Daily floor cleaning helps rid your home of dust and filth. Like it or not, you need at least a basic vacuum cleaner so that you can have a cleaner and more comfortable home. This is especially true for those allergic to common allergens found in the house, such as the microscopic dust mites, fine dust particles  or pet dander. They need the environment to be as dust-free as possible and a hepa filter vacuum cleaner comes highly recommended.

Versatile and easy to operate, vacuum cleaners and carpet steam cleaners are essential appliances for clean and healthy housekeeping. Modern vacuums with their many efficient features, make your daily cleaning more relaxing and enjoyable, less stressful and with more time to enjoy the rest of the day.

For those with hardwood floors, vacuuming helps to remove dust and dirt from between the tiny crevices between the floor boards.

Carpets, although giving a nice feel to the room, are notorious for harboring dust mites and allergens if not cleaned regularly.

Fabrics on sofa, soft furnishings, curtains and soft toys also attract dust and grime.

I am sure everyone has heard of dust mites living comfortably in mattresses.

Stop dirt and grime from accumulating with the help of a reliable vacuum cleaner, in fact the best vacuum cleaner that you can afford.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner To Buy

There are so many choices in the market today, so which one is best suited for your needs?

Things to consider include the size of your house, the types of floor surfaces, how often do you vacuum, any allergy sufferers in the house and of course the price.

It used to be that upright vacuum cleaners are for carpets and canister vacuum cleaners are for hardwood floors. However, the modern cleaners now come with both type of brushes best suited to bare floors and carpets for optimum cleaning.

Upright vacuum cleaners are more suitable for carpets as they are more efficient at this. Those that come fitted with pile adjustment feature do a better job at retrieving dust. They are also better able to protect the carpet fibers.

Canister vacuums are lightweight and compact, allowing easy maneuverability. Being able to push the flexible hose and nozzle under furniture, edges of carpet, hard-to-reach corners, window tracks, refrigerator grills, up and down the  stairs or reach up to the ceiling, allows for easy vacuuming and more detailed cleaning.

Canister vacuums are also fitted with useful attachments such as crevice tool, dusting brush or upholstery brush for more detailed cleaning. These compact vacuums do a good job on soft furnishings, upholstery, shelves or mattresses.

Most canister vacuum cleaners also come with a turbo-powered brush with a beater brush attached. These air driven nozzles will do a great cleaning

Miele Callisto Vacuum Cleaner

job on carpets as they brush against the pile and release embedded dirt. They have special brush for hardwood floors which do not scratch the floor surface as you push and pull the brush when vacuuming. The Miele Callisto has a heavy-duty power head and 5 different settings for carpet pile height. The Electrolux Deep Clean Canister has carpet height adjustment feature.

Some even have special parquet brush which not only vacuum but also polish the floor as well.

Well designed canister vacuums normally have sealed compartments that prevent the releasing back of dust and allergens back into the air as you vacuum. Miele canister vacuum cleaners come with their signature AirClean sealed system removing 99.97% of air pollutants as well as bad odors.

A bagless vacuum cleaner or one with bags is a matter of preference. However, cost of bags do not come cheap and can add up in the long

term. As for bagless vacuum, emptying the collected dust is best done outside the house so as to prevent dust particles from flying around and landing back on the very surface that you are trying to clean.

Vacuums that come with dust-full indicator light or see-through dust cups are preferred. Sucking efficiency decreased as the dust bag/cup gets fuller due to restricted air-flow. An indicator light alerting you to blocked air flow, due maybe to a clogged dust bag or small toys sucked accidentally, is also a convenient feature to have.

Hand held vacuums are wonderful for those small spills or dirt. They also make great vacuums for cleaning out interior of cars.  Look for those with rechargeable ENERGY STAR Certified Battery Charging System, The advantages include a longer battery life, charging twice as fast and yet using 70 % less energy.

The latest addition to the vacuum cleaner family are the robotic vacuums. Vacuum cleaning on their own while you attend to other chores or just relaxing over a cup of tea is indeed a great time saver. However, they do not clean as efficiently as traditional vacuums and obstacles in their path such as toys, need to be removed first.

Always remember that a hepa filter vacuum cleaner removes dirt and allergens up to 99.97 % and should be the preferred choice especially for asthma and allergy sufferers. Even though a vacuum with hepa filter cost a bit more, but you end up with much cleaner indoor air. A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter not only removes fine dirt but also the odor. There is a carbon filter for removing unpleasant odor and a HEPA filter for filtering off 99.97% of dirt, dust, and minute allergen particles such as dust mites, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses, toxic gases and smoke.

High noise level can be a distressing factor. Look for those models with silence-noise insulation whereby you can even carry on a telephone conversation with ease. Most modern models are noted for their quiet settings and silence noise insulation features.

Going green and saving the environment is heard very frequently nowadays. You get to contribute to your environment and at the same time reduce your electric bills using the power saving, eco friendly vacuum cleaners such as the Electrolux eco-friendly range that are manufactured using recycled plastic. They come fitted with a high performance motor which enables quick dust collection with less power needed when compared to conventional vacuum cleaners.

Still not sure which one to buy? Canister vacuum reviews are good sources of information on the pros and cons of different types of vacuum cleaners.

Yes, keeping the house and floor clean is so much easier now compared to grandma’s time. So, pick up your best hepa filter vacuum cleaner and be proud of the finished results done almost effortlessly.